Tips on how to leave without worry

Before leaving, it is therefore useful to do some preliminary operations, so as not to find yourself in unpleasant situations, some of which, in addition to ruining the holiday, could also force you to interrupt it to go home.

sometimes a few simple tips are enough to improve your safety and make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Get travel insurance
In my opinion it is a terribly senseless thing, but even today many people leave without having taken out travel insurance to cover any medical expenses if something should happen. Sometimes they don’t do it believing there is no need, other times they are so busy organizing the trip that they forget about it.

If you don’t already have insurance, you absolutely need it. Do not think that it is money “thrown away”: bad things can happen while traveling but above all think that when you buy insurance, you not only buy your safety, but also the tranquility of those who love you and wait for you at home !

Put little electronics in your luggage
It ‘s tempting for tech-savvy millennials to carry as many electronic accessories with them: laptops, smartphones, kindles, cameras, drones.

I understand, I’ve done it in the past too! Then I realized something. I never worked on the laptop. Before leaving, I told myself that in the evening at the hotel I would write the blog, the truth is that I think I never even turned on the PC when I was on vacation.

I learned (reluctantly) to leave my beloved reflex camera at home, preferring a smaller, lighter mirrorless camera that attracts less attention than any thieves you meet.

Try, when you pack your suitcase, to give up, if not everything, at least something: you will travel not only lighter, but also safer. And you will not have the problem of having so many things of value with you,

Make a copy of your passport and login details
Losing your passport will get you in trouble so you should only carry it in your pocket or purse if you really need it (transfer mode / crossing borders) – in mos

In addition, having copies will be very useful when they ask you to leave your identity document in the hostel or hotel.

In addition, I also learned to write down all my access data for EMail, Facebook, etc. before leaving. – helps if you forget your logins or if your laptop is stolen.