Great trips with a rental car

In any case, the spirit of adventure and discovery is what prevails, so even small difficulties are easily overcome when you want to leave. Let’s find out together in this post a few destinations and a few itineraries that I hope will be an inspiration for your future departure, clearly by car, clearly with a rental car.

We will not mention which is the best rental company, if there is one, but rather we will suggest that you make a quote comparison with car rental offers before booking.

Among the fjords of Norway
One of our first trips with the rental car and one of those trips you take inside. From Oslo to Bergen , passing through the Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell nature reserve, stopping south to Stavanger and then back to Oslo. Three things that fascinated us about this trip: the city of Bergen, gateway to the North, the fjords and the mythical wooden churches , halfway between the myth of the Vikings and the more traditional one of Christianity.

California on the road
If the one above was one of the first car trips, the on the road in California was one of the most recent and perhaps the most mythical. We left in February 2020 for this experience in the footsteps of the American dream and it was 11 unforgettable days. On board our Cadillac taken by Sixt we traveled from Los Angeles to San Diego along the mythical highways, stopping in Palm Springs, the Mojave desert and Route 66, Las Vegas (with a jump in Nevada), Death Valley and new in Los Angeles in Santa Monica. Among the many things we have seen, the charm of the desert is something incredible and that we will never forget.