4 Reasons You Should Stay At A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel

Staying at serviced apartments rather than a hotel can be a more comforting experience.

When we are away from home, one might think of it as the ideal situation to treat themselves to a sense of luxury and choose to spoil themselves by staying in hotels, all while enjoying the services and amenities that it has to offer.

However, for today’s youth, hotels are not always the top preference when it comes to finding a place to spend the night while staying safe with their belongings. Most importantly, if you are on a budget, hotels can really cost you an arm and a leg even on small tours.

So if you are already planning a holiday, here are some reasons why you too should opt for the facility of a serviced apartment over that of a hotel.

Having a cozy homely space

Sure, we all love spoiling ourselves with luxury and rare facilities that we cannot avail of when at home. But despite the absence of a hotel pool, and a bar, the feeling of being home is something no luxury can beat. Being in a bigger and more private space, where you can cook your own meals or spend time with your family is the best amenity of all.

People will often go overboard to merely pay for feeling a sense of being home away from home, as clearly to many people that matters more than any amenity and luxury that a hotel can provide.

A very Cost-effective option

During a trip, the best decision you can make is to save as many coins as possible while not having to completely compromise your comfort and safety.

And serviced apartment perth provide just that!

While having most facilities that hotels have, serviced apartments are a relatively cheaper way of enjoying a hotel-like vacation where you have a clean, furnished, and well looked-after space to yourself to spend your time and vent out your exhaustion, rejuvenate and recharge after a long tiresome day.


Usually, most hotels are situated quite close to one another, and often within bigger cities and metropolitans, are situated all within the same district.

Since traveling is done for several purposes, it is always a great option to have to be able to choose which location you would like to reside in, in order to be closest to the destination you need to visit often.

This option is quite limited with hotels, whereas can be exercised when opting for serviced apartments.


In serviced apartments, you have all the comforts and amenities that you would find at home. The plus is that you do not have to worry about your chores and having to clean your mess.

Very much like hotels you can sit back and relax and allow the service teams to clean your apartment from top to bottom throughout the week whenever required, and see to your specific needs.

Many serviced apartment facilities also provide chauffeur services and business services, training studios, gyms, dining-in facilities, and home-delivery facilities as well.